KeyVal - saving format of named values

On many places in the PROMOTIC system it is necessary to enter multiple named values in a single text. The format described below can be used for this purpose.

The format is very similar e.g. the syntax of CSS styles in HTML pages.

name1:value1;name2:value2; ...

For example: "Temperature:85;Pressure:1013.85;Power:56.5;"

- Name: represents value identifier. This is a system name and must not contain diacritics, empty string, spaces and the first character must not be a number.
- Value: Follows after colon (:).
- If the value is a real number with decimal point then the decimal separator must be a period.
- The value may contain character colon.
- The value must not contain:
- Char semicolon (;). Must be replaced by two characters: backslash and s ("\s")
- Char NewLine (0A hexa). Must be replaced by two characters: backslash and n ("\n")
- Char CarriageReturn (0D hexa). Must be replaced by two characters: backslash and r ("\r")
- Char backslash (\). Must be replaced by two characters: 2x backslash ("\\")

This format can be used, e.g., for the following purposes:
- In the configurator PROMOTIC object parameters.
- In the method OpenView, in the entry sOptions or sParams.
- In the object PmMap, in methods mapSaveToString and mapLoadFromString.
- In the object PmAlarmEvent, in configurator Sound parameters.
- etc.
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