Monitoring of salt water aquarium

Hardware: Notebook, OS Windows
Steuerungsstation: PLC ABB AC500eCO, converter PAPOUCH GNOME485
Datum der Inbetriebnahme: 2011
The monitoring application is running on a netbook and can also be accessed via Web or mobile phone. The freeware PROMOTIC PmFree license is used. The application communicates with the PLC via the Modbus protocol. The GNOME485 RS485/Ethernet converter is used. The data is stored in a database that is saved on a local NAS drive.

Topology of the system:

The Applikation consists of the following panels that are accessble via standard Web interface.
The main panel

The main panel contains the GUI of the aquarium monitoring system. The status of the main components is signaled by color, the Temperatur of the water and the pump are displayed as numbers.

Water temperature trend

The trend values are being stored in a Microsoft Access database.


The Temperatur of the water is the most critical value. Therefore it is permanently monitored and if the temperature level changes beyond the specified levels the alarm is triggered.

- Monitoring of salt water aquarium
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