Measurement and evaluation of energy consumption of Gemini B building Prague - ENBRA a.s

Hardware 1x PC Sever + 1x PmWebClient
Steuerungsstation 194x heat, water, electricity meters
Realisierung MICROSYS, spol. s r.o., ENBRA a.s
Datum der Inbetriebnahme 2015
Software system PROMOTIC METERING provides automated data acquisition and processing from energy meters in GeminiB building complex in Prague. System scale:
- 64 electricity meters KWZ Moeller
- 91 calorimeters (heat)
- 38 water meters
- 1 main calorimeter (cooling)
The meters are spread across 11 floors of the Gemini B building. The visualization provides topological overview of all meters in each floor.

Energy consumption metering

Daten from calorimeters, water meters und electricity meters are read by the M-BUS protocol. Following values are read from each meter:
total energie oder quantity (counter sum)
meter type
current power, flow
The PROMOTIC METERING system was created as configurable Applikation - meter addresses and other parameters are read from external configuration file.

Energy consumption evaluation

The system provides archiving of measured data in the database and also evaluates the energy consumtion in defined time-range (day, Monat, jahr, defined range).
At the end of the month the system generates files containing monthly figures od energy consumption for each consumer: tenants, companies and other units.
The output data is archived in a file of the CSV type for further processing.


The system allows overview monitoring of current status of all meters, listing in the history, data exports into CSV files, usw. Authorized personnel can also set parameters of meters and other system parameters.
Main screen:
Overview screen - graphic representation of selected measured values by floors
Table view of online data from selected meter
- Meter type, serial number or ID number
- Time of last successfull communication, communication status, OK/error/disconnencted
- Data read during last successfull communication
Graphic viewing of measured values time progression (trends)
Alarm system - indicating commnication errors
Visualization Web clients

Web server is included in the application providing data visualization on other PCs - visualization Web clients. Web clients allow viewing data indicating current consumption and monthly figures of meters selected by administrator.

Possible system extension:

The system is built as modular and can therefore be easily extended by:
additional measured energy values
additional visualization Web clients
monitoring of other technologies (z.B. HVAC units)
connection to enterprise information systems for automated data exports and invoicing calculations
- Measurement of energy consumption in Gemini B building Prague
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