Emerson Process Management, s.r.o. (Tschechien)

Leading global manufacturer of control systems, metering devices and components for industrial automation

AMiT spol. s.r.o. (Tschechien)

Leading Czech manufacturer of control systems, industrial PCs and components for industrial automation

MARET systém s.r.o. (Slowakei)

Sales of measurement and regulation components. Distributor des PROMOTIC Systems Slowakei.

Teco a.s. (Tschechien)

Major Czech manufacturer of PLC devices

CardWare Kft (Ungarn)

GPRS transfers, M2M communication and industrial automation expert. Vodafone certified partner. Hungarian distributor des PROMOTIC Systems.

Zakład Elektroniki i Automatyki "Chip" (Polen)

The lieferant of devices and services in the field of electronics and industrial automation. Polish distributor des PROMOTIC Systems.

ELVAC IPC s.r.o. (Tschechien)

Reliable lieferant of special IT technologies for industrial automation and energetics.
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