PROMOTIC SCADA system - 25 years on the market

There are not many products that retain on the open market under the same brand for 25 years. This is even scarcer in the segment of industrial automation. PROMOTIC SCADA software belongs among these rarities and proudly builds on its history when it functioned on the MS-DOS platform and when the term "Windows" in the context of computer technology rang the bell only to a handful of IT devotees.
As far back as in the nineties of the 20th century PROMOTIC successfully fulfilled the functions of software for technological dat acquisition and vizualization on many locations in the former Czechoslovakia. It was used in multitude of industrial segments as a tool for monitoring of manufacturing processes, energetics, emissions, water management, warehousing and others. But always with one goal: to provide users with the required functionality and reliability at a very affordable price.
The times have changed very much in the last 25 years. For many people, MS-DOS became just a strange acronym, which needs to be "googled" to reveal its meaning. PROMOTIC software itself has also evolved beyond recognition, however its underlying philosophy remains unchanged and is still built on a balance between cutting-edge technology and economic accessibility.
PROMOTIC now has among the standard features common to SCADA software, the integrated Web server, which allows access to graphic panels automatically to all devices equipped with Web browser (smartphone, tablet, etc.), regardless of the platform (Android, iOS, etc.).
PROMOTIC also allows connection to database systems - from simple file databases (e.g. Access), through client/server databases (e.g. MS SQL, MySQL, Firebird) up to enterprise information and data systems (e.g. SAP, PI).
PROMOTIC includes in addition to built-in drivers for communication with various communication protocols: S7, MODBUS, M-Bus, BACnet, SNMP, CIP, MELSEC, FINS, etc., also the support of standard interfaces OPC, DDE, ActiveX, XML, etc.
Another important feature of the PROMOTIC system is the possibility to operate this software in FREEWARE mode, totally free of charge while maintaining a high degree of functionality without any time limit. In this mode, the system allows using all communication drivers and standard interfaces. The only limitation is the size of the application up to 30 variables and a maximum of 10 graphic images.
Celebrate the 25th Birthday of the PROMOTIC SCADA system with us. We now offer the possibility to purchase the PROMOTIC development environment, with a special anniversary 25% discount (from March 1st, 2016) . Do not hesitate and order by e-mail, or in the e-shop.
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