PmUpgrade10 - Extension of upgrade and expansion period of the licence key for 10 more years

The period of free upgrades and possible expansion of runtime keys (development keys are not concerned) of the PROMOTIC system is limited to 10 years. After this time period the runtime key still remains fully functional. Only the free upgrades to newer PROMOTIC versions are disabled and the key cannot be expanded by new licences. The corresponding application continues running without any time limitation.
If the operator/owner of the licence wants to upgrade to new PROMOTIC versions or to expand the key by new licences after the 10 year period, the 60 pricelist item can be purchased. The upgrade (PmUpgrade) and expansion (PmExtend) period will be extended by 10 years (i.e. the total period will be 20 years since purchasing the corresponding original key). 60% of the licences price contained in given key can also be used for keys older than 10 years. The price is defined as procentual portion of the total price of licences contained in corresponding key - 60. All purchased licences become a permanent content of the licence key and cannot be removed.

Table of PROMOTIC verrsions and licences for PmUpgrade10

Version date for Upgrade 10 - Defined date for corresponding line of versions that is used for counting the 10-years period of licence upgrades
Licence date - Date of purchased licence written in the licence medium. It can be detected in INFO system on the Licences page - item Licence valid from
Version Version date for Upgrade 10 Licence date
7.5.7 06. 2012 06. 2002
8.0.13 09. 2011 09. 2001
8.1.x 09. 2011 09. 2001
8.2.x 01. 2013 01. 2003
8.3.x 01. 2015 01. 2005
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