DbConnectionParams - property of object PmAdo

Additional dtabase connection parameters.
DbConnectionParams As String
s = oDb.DbConnectionParams
Additional parameters of database connection by the DbOpen method represented by string. Entries with assigned value are separated by a semicolon, for example "connect:async;".
"connect:xxx;" (optional) - Defines the connection type. The default is synchronous connection, i.e. the method will execute the connection and wait for operation result.
async - Asynchronous connection, i.e. the method will create the connection request and does not wait for result. Corresponds to the ADO adAsyncConnect value.

Caution: Asynchronous programming frequently causes comlications, therefore it is recommended to use the synchronous attitude. In case there is a chance, that the synchronous requests may take too much time and there is a possibility of timeout, then it is recommended to execute all operations in the working thread (See PmSequencer").

Property access for read and write. The preset value of this property is defined in the Additional database connection parameters configurator of this object.
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