Object PmFormItem

The object is the parent of all objects representing entries of the PmForm. It means that all these objects have own properties and methods, but can also use properties and methods of the parent.
Properties and methods:
BodyHeightIni Initial body height
BodyHeightMode Changing body height
BodyWidthIni Initial body width
BodyWidthMode Changing body width
Type Item type
Id Item identifier
Title Displayed item name
TitlePos Position of displayed item name
Objects derived from this object:
PmFormItemString Text input
PmFormItemInt Real number input (Integer)
PmFormItemFloat Real number input (Float)
PmFormItemBool Boolean value input item (Checkbox)
PmFormItemEnum Select one of multiple items (Combobox)
PmFormItemButton Button
PmFormItemSepar Separator between configurators
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