Object PmiItem (Parent of all graphic items)

See: PmiItem - Deatiled object description
PmiItem is an abstract graphic item. It cannot be created in graphic panel and it cannot be configured.

PmiItem represents a parent of all graphic items in the PROMOTIC system, i.e. its properties and methods are also available for all other graphic items.

Properties and methods:
Blink Starts/Stops blinking of the graphic item
Dx Width of the graphic item
Dy Height of the graphic item
Enabled Enable/Disable the control, which means user's inputs to the item
Focus Getting/Setting the focus of the graphic item
FullName Full name of the item including the path
GetChildByIndex Returns the nested graphic item defined by order.
GetChildCount Returns the number of nested graphic items
GetItemInfo Obtaining special information regarding the graphic item
GetPar Reading the value of the graphic item parameter (or its parents)
GetProp Reading the value from any property of the object defined by its name
IniDx Initial width of the graphic item
IniDy Initial height of the graphic item
IniX Initial X-coordinate of the graphic item
IniY Initial Y-coordinate of the graphic item
Items Reference to graphic item
Methods Access to the methods of this graphic item
MouseOn Identification if the mouse finds itself over the graphic item
Name The name of the graphic item
Parent Reference to the parent graphic item
Pm Returns a reference to the Promotic object or to its subobject (obsolete)
PmPanel Reference to the panel where the item is placed
Refresh Refresh of the graphic item
Root Reference to the root graphic item PmiRoot
ShowMenu Opens menu item local menu
ScreenX Screen X-coordinate of the graphic item
ScreenY Screen Y-coordinate of the graphic item
SetProp Writing the value to any property of the object defined by its name
ToolTip Tooltip of graphic item
TypeName Returns the name of the graphic item type
Vars Returns reference to the variable of graphic item
Visible Setting the visibility/invisibility of the graphic item
X X-coordinate of the graphic item
Y Y-coordinate of the graphic item
onFocusIn Fires when the item receives focus
onFocusOut Fires after the item loses focus
onKeyPress Fires on pressing or releasing the key of the keyboard
onMenuFill Fires on clicking by the right mouse button over the item
onMenuSelect Fires on the selection of an item from the item local menu
onModeChange It is triggered when the graphic item mode changes
onMousePress Fires on pressing or releasing the left mouse button
onRefresh Fires on the refresh of the item data
onStart Fires on the construction of the item in the course of opening the panel
onStop Fires on the destruction of the item in the course of closing the panel
Configuration windows:
Creation of compound item Definition of inserted item
Object General information about the object
Content Content of the graphic item in the XML form
Ranges Setting technological and instrumental ranges
Panel Setting the background area of the edited graphic item
Events Algorithms definition for the object events
Methods Definition of user's methods of the graphic item
Position Setting the position, width and height of the item
Scale Setting for showing the meater scale
Subitems It is used for creating compound items
Variables List and configuration of user defined item variables
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