Interaction - property of object PmTable

Control type of the table by user.
Interaction As Long
oTable.Interaction = n
0 - all cell cannot be marked nor edited
1 - All non-fixed cells can only be marked (the CellClicked event is called) After left mouse button doubleclick or after pressing the Enter key the CellEditRequested event is called, but it is not switched to edit mode.
2 - All non-fixed cells can be marked (by left mouse button click - the CellClicked event is called) and edited (doubleclick by left mouse button or Enter key). When switching to edit mode the CellEditRequested event is called. Editing the cell is completed by pressing the Enter key (the CellEdited event is called).
3 - Combines interaction 1 and 2. It is possible to edit only some cells (See method: SetCellEditable). Editing the cell is disabled by default.
Property access for read and write. The preset value of this property is defined in the Edit mode configurator of this object.

The property can also be set by the Dim method.

This property is also functional for Web Panels.
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