Application editor settings

PROMOTIC system development environment properties settings
Configuration items:
Development system languageSelection of the language of the development environment (the language for the running application is set in the configurator PmRoot > Application > Main language of runtime)
Sort objects in tree only by nameIf checked, Promotic objects in the objects tree are sorted by the name. Otherwise the objects are not sorted and they are ordered as they were created.
When editing, save PmObjects without questionsIf not checked, then a box opens with the question if to save the object when editing is closed for unsaved Promotic object.
Path to the XML editor The path to the editor that is opened after exporting the data from the application editor or the panel editor environment. It is performed only when starting of this editor is enabled. See: Data export to the XML text file.
Use different font in the development environmentIf checked, then it is possible to set user defined font to be used in the PROMOTIC development environment. If the font size is changed, all the windows are modified, in order to preserve the original window layout. It is handy for using the PROMOTIC system on high resolution screens, where the fonts are displayed very small. For changing font in running application See Use different font in system windows.
Development environment fontAllows to define the font that will be used in development environment.
Show the welcome screen on PROMOTIC launchOn PROMOTIC system launch, the welcome screen is displayed, allowing application launch and showing links into system documentation and links to PROMOTIC Web pages.
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